Image: Calacatta White Porcelain from Terra Granite


As one of the highly preferred materials, it is important to know what is meant by porcelain and what are the benefits of the material before engaging in an interior design project. Porcelain is made out of water, clay and sand. These products are heated at very high temperatures in order to produce the final product of porcelain.

Porcelain’s one of the main advantages is the fact that it has a very low water absorption rate which is 0.5% or less. This is the result of porcelain being one of the less porous materials available in the market. This is important especially when you want to use porcelain in areas that are frequently in contact with liquid. This also enables the porcelain to become less damaged and/or stained.

In our Portland Hood porcelain, for instance, you can see the greater density that adds to its durability. Having the same color composition both in and outsides of the slab also covers the possible chips and makes them less visible to the human eye.

Image: Portland Hood Porcelain from Terra Granite


Another important aspect to mention is the fact that porcelain slabs are eco-friendly. If you are committed to going green, porcelain slabs is a great choice for your remodeling project. Porcelain slabs not only capture the texture and the feeling of naturally occurring materials but they are also extremely Eco-friendly since they are made from recycled materials.

Image: Calacatta Gold from Terra Granite

As long as they are properly installed, porcelain slabs can last a lifetime. They are one of the permanent lasting products available in the market. And since the colors and design patterns continue on through the slabs, it is easier to conceal any scratches/chips.

Image: Sahara Noir Polished from Terra Granite


Since the porcelain slabs are made with high temperature heat, they do not emit any volatile organic compounds into the indoor air of a building. These volatile compounds can lead to different types of health issues.

It is also very easy to care for. Porcelain slabs can usually be cleaned with warm water. This low maintenance also is an advantage of the material since cleaning with water only helps to eliminate the use of dangerous chemicals during cleaning.

Image: Portland Tabor from Terra Granite


For customers who prioritize durability and sustainability, porcelain slabs are among the best choices available in the market. Their cost effectiveness combined with low maintenance as well as variety options and eco-friendliness all add up to its value.

If you are interested in porcelain slabs, Terra Granite is the best place in Houston. It has a whole collection, Vera Collection, which offers many different varieties that enable you to easily find the perfect porcelain for your project.

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