Image: Taj Mahal/Perla Venata from Terra Granite


Quartzite is becoming more and more popular in home décor renovation projects. Its elegant appearance and quality makes quartzite an eligible option for your next project. In this article, we will consider all there is to know about this natural stone and the preferable application areas for your residential or commercial spaces.

Many people mix quartzite with quartz but they are very different. Quartz is man-made while quartzite is a natural stone, similar to granite or marble. This natural stone originates as sandstone. The stone’s transformation occurs over a certain period of time through a process that involves intense application of pressure and heat. Like other natural stones, it is durable, unique and strong. These are among the main reasons why more people begin to choose quartzite when they engage in interior design projects.

Image: Translucent Cristallo Quartzite from Terra Granite


Quartzite is available in many different color options including, but not limited to, different shades of whites, blues, grays and neutral colors. If you are interested in warm colors, you can check out one of Terra Granite’s most popular quartzite slab Taj Mahal/ Perla Venata. Its warm earthy tones can add elegance to any space. For a more attracted appearance, you  an also choose Translucent Cristallo Quartzite. Its translucency can create a completely different outlook for your application area


Image: Fusion Quartzite From Terra Granite


If you are interested in a more dramatic look, you can also try Fusion Quartzite, Los Roques Quartzite or Araras Gold Quartzite. These slabs will offer more earthy tones that will extend their application areas both to indoors as well as outdoors. Some quartzite slabs are suitable for outdoor applications as well, including but not limited to patios and exterior walls, in order to add a more natural and earthy appearance.


Image: Los Roques from Terra Granite


Quartzite offers a variety of different textures as well as finishes including polished and honed options. Like any natural stone, it is very durable, however, it is crucial that the material needs to be properly sealed. A well-sealed quartzite would last longer and is less likely to worn out. Even though, quartzite has less pores comparing the other natural stones, it can hold stains if not maintained and/or sealed properly.

If you are interested in learning more about quartzite including its durability, maintenance, different variety options, Terra Granite is the best place to buy quartzite in Houston. You can visit our website or visit our showroom.

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