Product Performance



Vera Stone


Solid Surface

Non porous, Non-absorbent


Color Consistency


Antibacterial, anti-mold,anti-mildew


Scratch Resistant


Stain Resistant


Heat Resistant



Maintenance Free


Resistant to household chemicals




Fine Selected Raw Material


Vera Stone Carefully select natural quartz crystal mineral, with high punty of SI02 99.90%, without any harmful radiative heavy metals.Bring brand- new healthy life.


Edge Options


A variety of edge profile options are available.Popular choices include the mitered edge to the standard or laminated edge.


Establish your brand


Vera Stone can print your brand and logo on the film of the surface, ink jet printing on the side or back of the slab. Customize your own slabs, make your mark with the perfect quality.


Engineered quartz stone surface

Which is better option for home decoration


Engineered quartz stone surface is a mixture of 93% quartz stone and 7% polyester resin and other additives, vibrate compressed into slab form under vacuum condition.

Engineered quartz stone surfaces: meanwhile quartz is a much harder material which makes the stone more rigid and compact. However, this character also makes it almost cannot be moulded into other shapes other than slab form.

Engineered quartz stone surfaces have the highest resistance against scratch/stain/impact compare to all the other materials.

Engineered quartz stone surfaces cannot be repaired like solid surface once after installation because of its super hardness. However, the hardness also makes the quartz surface maintenance free under normal circumstance.

Engineered quartz stone surface is fairly high in heat resistant and not affected by the temperature lower than 300°. However, for a better long-term usage, it is also recommended that hot pots and pans never be placed directly on the surface but onto a heat trivet or chopping board.


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